A] Acts

B] Rules

C] Application Forms


  1. List of Applicants who memorial are received for Notary till date
  2. List of applicants for Interview of Notaries

E] Orders and Circulars

  1. Circular for Usage of emails
  2. Circular for State Portal link
  3. Circular for Registration Input Form
  4. circular

F] Model Deeds

1. Circular – Standard Deed of Lease and Agreement of Leave and Licence

2.  Sale Deed

3.  Gift Deed

4.  Lease Deed

5.  Model Deeds

G]  Procedure for Registrations

1.  Registration of Documents

2.  Registration of Partnership Firms

H] Flowchart

1. Document Registration GAURI

2. Document Registration Non-Computerized

I]  Business Reforms Action Plan

1. Flow Chart -Reconstitution of Partnership Firms

2.Flow Chart -Disollution of Partnership Firms

3.Flow Chart -Partnership Firms – Avail Certifed Copy

4. Flow Chart -Registration of Partnership Firms